If you are attending an event – such as a formal dinner, wedding, corporate function or ceremony – and need your kosher meal served to you, at that venue which only serves non-kosher food, Lewis’ can help. Kosher meals at venues and events are provided by Lewis Continental Kitchen. Our catering team creates a menu specifically for you and, supervised by the Kashrut Authority Inc, provides a delicious kosher meal prepared especially for you and/or your group.

If you need Kosher meals at venues and events, you can rely on Lewis’ Continental kitchen to ensure that you will get only the best Kosher meals at venues and events such as hotels, conferences, weddings and corporate functions.

We offer various meal options including 2 and 3 course meals, all freshly prepared for any number of people. All our meals are on plates with cutlery, delivered, ready to serve.  All items are wrapped according to kosher standards.

If you’re staying at a hotel or are a guest staying in non-Kosher accommodation whilst in Australia on holidays or a business trip, Lewis’ can deliver all your Kosher meals, at any venues or event, ensuring that your meal requirements are met for the duration of your stay.

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