Lewis Continental Kitchen through the years

Mazel tov to the Lewis’ Team – until 120!

27 June 2016: In this latest post, Lewis’ is proud to announce that our new, freshly updated mobile-friendly website is now launched! From today, Lewis’ Continental Kitchen website is in the modern digital age, and the crew at Lewis’ have their party hats on – this is such exciting news for our customers especially as the site can be easily navigated on mobile devices. Any mobile device can be used to also conveniently order online.

This fantastic new website for our well-known Curlewis Street shop will also feature even more prominently in Google search results thanks to its responsive design. We are so pleased to share this news about our new website! Any feedback is welcome.

Ruby Jubilee Celebrations 40 years!

Tuesday February 8, 2011: “This week is the 40th birthday of the opening of their well-known Curlewis Street shop (the family had also been involved in kosher catering for many years prior). This summer has seen the fourth generation come on board and all are celebrating this milestone. Judith Lewis recalls fondly that on their opening day, this was “such a new and innovative gastronomic sensation for the local community, it literally shut down surrounding streets – police were called to control the crowds and they even had to switch off traffic lights!”

Lewis’ is a valued fixture in Sydney’s kashrut landscape – from the utterly delicious honey cake perfected by Judith’s late husband, Malcolm; to the airline and hospital cuisine, started in 1991 and 1992 respectively; to venue and hotel meals and a welcoming café on site. In this health conscious epoch, you should know that Lewis’ food has no preservatives and is always fresh. This includes Premium, Business or First Class kosher airline meals when travelling Qantas. The other meals are prepared fresh under HAACP control and then frozen for ongoing use (each meal has use-by date indicated). If you have a dietary restriction, Lewis’ will cater sodium-free, sugar-free, gluten-free… whatever-free.

In addition to providing the community with tasty kosher fare, did you know that Lewis’ make their own sauces. In response to customer needs, they are in the process of converting all sauces to gluten-free as a standard. Mazel tov to the Lewis’ Team – till 120!

Judith understands that the kosher palate has changed over the last four decades, “today we have access to a phenomenal range of ingredients and a huge variety of foods. I remember the first time we were able to use a non-dairy creamer – now that was an amazing leap for kosher cuisine!” Lewis’ have also revolutionised keeping kosher at conferences. Once upon a time in Sydney, it was truly awkward for someone who kept kosher to attend a conference and be the only person at the event not eating the set menu. Not anymore. Lewis’ proudly make kosher meals that ‘menu-match’ – made and delivered on the same day. Read More

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