Sukkot follows four days after Yom Kippur. Originally a harvest festival, it was given historical significance as a commemoration of the Exodus from Egypt when the Israelites had to live in temporary dwellings. A succah is a temporary hut, constructed for use during the week-long festival only. It is open to the sky, usually with palm leaves used as a roof; it is decorated with fruit. It is a joyous festival, a time to eat outside under the stars. We leave the confines of our homes to sit in the fragile shelter, with starlight peeking through at night and the sunlight streaming in during the day.

• Candle lighting for two nights
• Kiddush and festival meals on the first two nights
• Eating in the succah

• 2 chullahs
• Chopped herring
• Beef cabbage rolls
• Poached salmon in teriyaki sauce
• Baby Bok Choy salad
• Cous cous salad
• Carrot and Orange SaladGarden salad
• Chocolate Mousse
• Malcolm’s world-famous Honey Cake
• Fruit platter

• Candle lighting
• Kiddush and festival meals, the first meals eaten in our homes after eating in the sukkah for eight days
• The joyous Torah procession

• Crumbed chicken drum sticks
• Fruit kebabs