Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year)

Rosh Hashanah marks the anniversary of the creation of the world. It is when God judges us and decides who will live and be entered for another year in the Book of Life, and who will not. We reflect on the past year and make our wrongs right in the eyes of Hashem (God).. Starting with Rosh Hashanah and ending on the last day with Yom Kippur, when our status for the coming year is sealed, Rosh Hashanah is always a joyous time for families and friends when we come together. We celebrate the New Year by eating sweet foods like crunchy apples dipped in honey and delicious honey cake. We hope that by starting the New Year with sweet foods, the year will continue to be sweet.

During synagogue services on Rosh Hashanah the Rabbi blows a shofar. A shofar is an instrument made from a ram’s horn or other kosher animal. It was used in ancient Israel to announce the New Moon and call the people to prayer.

• Candle lighting on both nights
• Kiddush and festival meals
• Hearing the blowing of the shofar in the Synagogue
• Dipping apples in honey
• Eating honey cake
• Pomegranates are served
– This is a reminder to us: do many good deeds, just as the fruit has many, many seeds
• Malcolm’s world-famous Honey Cake
• Gefilte fish
• Horseradish
• Chopped liver
• Avocado dip
• Sweet round chullah with sultanas
• Honey glazed beef
• Apricot chicken
• Carrot tzimmes (carrots cooked in honey, with sultanas)
• Delicious mango salad
• Sweet noodle Kugel
• Non-dairy ice cream
• Fruit salad
• Pomegranates on the table